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Sacred Ground is currently the rhythm section for Barrett Anderson. Follow the link for more info:

Sacred Ground Messengers (jazz)
Mel & Charlie - upcoming album (Americana)


Sacred Ground (Jamie Hatch & Doug MacLeod) is a versatile, professional rhythm section based in the North Quabbin Region of Massachusetts.

For Business OR Pleasure!

We work and play with local musicians in a variety of projects and genres, catering to many styles. We strive to make a vision reality, whether that means following the lead or even collaborating. Our goal is simply to play great music—of any genre.

We are available for a variety of projects:

- back-up for recording sessions.

- back-up for gigs.

- back-up in our comfortable rehearsal space so you can work out your songs with a backing band.

Our most recent projects have been in Blues, Jazz, Funk, and Folk.

We have a comfortable rehearsal space in a quiet setting that stimulates creativity. The space is complete with many instruments, amps, a P.A. and recording equipment (home-recording quality).


CONSIDER ME - w/ Magnificent Wonders

THE LONG FALL - w/ Barrett Anderson, Monster Mike Welch & Ron Levy


Doug MacLeod     /     Jamie 'Black Cat Bone' Hatch

Doug MacLeod    lays down the grooves on one of his many custom drum kits ranging from vintage to modern. Hand drums, Latin percussion, blocks, shakers and bells all work their way in from time to time. If the mood is right you can even catch him on an accordion or vibraphone.

Jamie Hatch,   a reformed guitarist, now focuses on electric bass. Acoustic and fret-less bass wiggle their way in there as well. Jamie contributes with vocals, writing/composition, acoustic and electric guitar as well. When the mood strikes, he loves jumping in peripheral percussion. If you've seen Jamie play since the Autumn of 2014, you will have notices that he now plays his bass vertically.....check it out!

TOMORROW MORNING - w/ Barrett Anderson, Monster Mike Welch, & Ron Levy

2013-07-13 Middle East

The Steve Katsos Show

Arlington, MA


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** Denotes Private Performance

The Barrett Anderson Band

   May 16 (Fri):   w/ Barrett Anderson

Boston (Brighton), MA


All Ages - $ tbd

May 09 (Fri):   w/ Barrett Anderson

Deja Brew Pub
Wendell, MA

9p - 11:30p

All Ages - No Cover


Jun 12 (Thu):   w/ Barrett Anderson

  1794 Meetinghouse
New Salem, MA


All Ages - $10 advance/door